What We Do



We are developing programs to strengthen our sense of community, to allow each of us to connect to each other in meaningful ways, and to make it as simple as just saying HELLO. We will continually refresh and broaden the list of programs we offer, taking input from you and the community to make sure it’s relevant, helpful, and – most importantly – something we can all refer to in helping improve the lives of our elders.


Current programs include:

It Starts With HELLO

Getting together for a chat is now as simple as clicking a link and hopping in on “It Starts with HELLO,” a virtual gathering held every Tuesday and Thursday via Zoom. This meet-up will feature local experts who can offer input on all things affecting seniors, including health and wellness, available local resources, ways to stay connected to others and other topics such as local news, financial advice, and policies and politics. But mostly it’s your chance to engage with others in our community. We look forward to having you join the conversation.

Log in below or call:


Use Meeting ID 96269295417

(Toll charges may apply)

Coming Soon

We will soon be launching “Wavers,” a new program for anyone interested in volunteering their time toward the enrichment of senior living. We welcome fellow elders, volunteers and community businesses willing to share their time and resources. This volunteer project is in its infancy and we will keep you updated as it develops.

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