How You Can Help


How You Can Help

Be A Volunteer

Volunteering is the heart of HELLO. And that’s exactly what it takes to be a volunteer – a heart. An ability to lend an ear is critical as well. Right now, HELLO is looking for volunteers who are dedicated to helping this vital movement become a flag that our whole community will proudly fly. Sign up for more information and we will keep you updated on volunteer opportunities as the programs begin.

As with so many acts of kindness, few efforts can go the distance without the support of businesses and individuals who recognize, endorse and contribute to those causes they strongly believe in. HELLO is grateful for your donations. Funds will help train and support volunteers and help outreach programs strengthen the ties between our community and its eldersThank you.

Spread the Word

Show how firmly you believe in HELLO by sharing it with your friends, family and employer. In particular, the best way to put wind beneath our wings is to spread the word with those elders in need of support and community connection. For updated information, please follow us on Facebook.